After you have accepted a place, an email will be sent to you from the Office of Academic + Student Affairs directing you to register online. Induction for all new students takes place during the second week of September. For 2016/17 it will take place between 5-9th September. New students are expected to be in attendance for this week.

Registration 2016/17

Documentation for New Students to IADT

Welcome to IADT, you will find all the documents you need to register on your chosen course below.

Additionally there is information on your Students Union and Car Parking at IADT.
In a nutshell the registration process is:

  1. Accept your place and wait for an email from our admissions office notifying you of your student ID number. You will need this to register online.
  2. Register online – see the instructions below.
  3. Pay your fees online at unless you have applied for a SUSI grant (proof required). ‌
  4. Complete and print the Registration Form - below.
  5. Bring the Registration form with you to IADT when you come to register – see the timetable and checklist below.

When will I register - First Years + Advanced Entry Students?    

If you accept a place and subsequently decide not to take it up you must immediately inform our admissions office in writing so that your place can be offered to the next person on the waiting list. If you do not register on the appointed date, your place may be forfeited.

If you have registered as a student and then decide to withdraw from your course, it is very important to complete a withdrawal form and return it to the Office of Academic and Student Affairs.

General information in relation to registration will be made available online at the end of August in each year.


When will I register - Continuing Students?

All continuing students need to register online before the start of each new academic year. Registration is now open and you can click on the link above or here to begin the registration process.

Access to the Network, Blackboard, Library, etc. will be affected if a student doesn't register.

Read the instructions below fully on how to register as a continuing student:

1. Enter your:  

  • User ID (Student Number e.g. N00111234)   
  • PIN (Personal Identification Number) A reminder of your pin has been sent to your IADT student email account.   
  • Click Login 

2. Go to the Student Services Tab and click Online Registration  

3. Your programme and the term 2016-2017 should be selected. Click Submit 

4. You will now see a number of checklist items. Start at Personal Information checking the details and updating where necessary. Click Continue to navigate through each checklist item.  

5. Personal Information - your student email should default in here. If empty, you must enter your student email address. The format is for example,

6. Previous Third Level Institutions Attended Section - do not update, just click to continue

7. Survey Section - do not update, just click to continue

8. Fee Questionnaire Section - do not update, just click to continue.

9. Once you have reviewed all checklist items (they will be marked as ticked) click Confirm Registration.

10. Registration Confirmation Make sure you understand the declaration before you tick the box agreeing to the terms and conditions. Click SUBMIT to confirm registration for the academic year 2016/17

NB: Once you confirm registration you can only withdraw by informing Academic Affairs in writing. 

11. Registration Fees – choose the Pay Later option. Fee payment is on a separate web page


Do I have to pay fees?

Student contribution

An annual student contribution (€3,000 in the academic year 2016/17) is payable by all full-time students. This fee, subject to change from year to year, includes an examination fee and is payable for each year of study.

To pay your student contribution fee now Click Here

All students are required to pay the Student Contribution on registration. Students who receive a grant will have this charge refunded. Those in receipt of 'Back to Education Allowances' may qualify for an exemption from the student contribution. An application under the Higher Education Grant Scheme to cover the cost of the student contribution for students commencing from 2012 onwards must be submitted to Student Universal Support Ireland (SUSI) through or

For families with more than one student attending Higher Education, please note that you will be required to pay each student contribution in full and then claim the reduction on the second and subsequent contributions through tax reliefs. For details on this please see

Tuition fees

Currently, EU nationals (subject to residency requirements) attending full-time Ordinary Degree and Honours Degree courses are not normally required to pay tuition fees. However, non-EU nationals must do so. Details are available from our Office of Academic + Student Affairs.

If you are an EU national and have already attended a third level institution, you should be aware that this may affect your entitlement to free tuition fees and maintenance grants. The general principle, with some exceptions, is that you will only receive financial support once for a given stage/year of study.

Further information on tuition fees is available from the citizens information website at

Tax relief

Tax relief, at the standard rate of tax, may be available for tuition fees and student contributions paid in respect of approved third level courses. It is intended that families who pay student contributions for more than one student in a year will be able to claim tax relief on the second and subsequent contributions. For details on this please see

Rate of fees

The rate of fees is determined by the Higher Education Authority (HEA) each year and is subject to change. The rates are normally available by the end of August. Please check our website for details. Further information on fees in general may be available from or

Can I avail of any grants?

You can obtain details of maintenance grant schemes and other supports at;; or the citizens information website

An online only grant application system was introduced in 2012. All new applications will be made online to a single awarding authority, Student Universal Support Ireland (SUSI) through; or Decisions regarding eligibility are made by your grant authority and not IADT.

Academic + Student Affairs

The Academic + Student Affairs Office provides support to prospective students in relation to the following areas:

Courses, application procedures, portfolio assessments and direct entry
+353 1 239 4621

Registration + Induction
 +353 1 239 4923

Fees + Grants
 +353 1 239 4612

Examinations + Assessments
Phone +353 1 239 4626