Certificate Sport Psychology

The Certificate in Sport Psychology will introduce you to the discipline of sport psychology — the study of the human mind and human behaviour in the world of sport. It will focus on the discipline’s key topics, and how psychological principles are applied to aid performance in sport.

What will I be doing?

The course material will be delivered through discussions, group work, practical exercises and personal reflections. Upon completion, you will understand the field of sport psychology and its uses to help athletes perform at their best both in sport and in other performance-related settings (such as in work and study settings). You should also be able to apply the knowledge acquired in your sport psychology studies to your own life-roles (e.g. as coaches, as parents of athletes etc).

Future careers

You may be able to pursue further study in Sport Psychology. The course may also be particularly useful in building on the skill level of people already working in, or seeking employment in, areas such as coaching, sports management, sports medicine and sports physiotherapy.

What topics will I study?

  • Motivation and Goal setting
  • Psyching-Up and Calming Down: Arousal and Anxiety in Sports Performances
  • Team dynamics, Team cohesion
  • Leadership and Coaching styles
  • Aggression in sport
  • Concentration, Coping, and Confidence issues in sport
  • Self-talk, imagery and relaxation strategies
  • Psychology of Exercise and Health
  • Psychology of Sports Injuries

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