Students Union

The IADT Students’ Union represents and supports all students. Elected representatives from each class form the Union Council. It has many functions and means different things to everyone: from representing the entire student body at an academic level, to arranging entertainment, cultural and sporting activities.

Get Involved

Getting involved in the SU is a great way to get to know people. Autonomous from IADT, the SU is affiliated with the Union of Students in Ireland (USI).

Among many, many things, the Students' Union:

  • represents the interests and furthers the rights of its membership as a whole and individually. This takes the form of representation on committees that look at anything from teaching and learning to IADT’s governing body, as well as representing individuals in disciplinary or appeals procedures
  • offers advice on welfare, finances and education
  • organises awareness campaigns, and charity, entertainment and social events throughout the year including a Raise and Give (RAG) event that has become the envy of colleges around the country
  • manages The Chapel in the Quadrangle building as a recreational space
  • facilitates clubs and societies, ensuring students’ right to form or join a group to satisfy cultural, social, sporting and intellectual needs.

Students’ Union Executive 2019/20

President Anthony Dunne 
Phone: +353 83 467 7916 | Email:

Vice President/ Welfare and Equality Officer Eimear Boyd
Phone: +353 86 050 9856 | Email:

Vice President/ Education Officer Oran Moten 
Phone: +353 86 050 9863 | Email:

Students' Union Part-time Officers 2019/20

LGBTQ Rights Officer Rae Lavis

Students with Disabilities:Officer Danny J Tynan

The President, the Vice-President for Education and the Vice-President for Welfare & Equality are full-time sabbatical members who are elected to work for the SU as a full-time job for one year. Clubs and Societies Officer, Entertainments Officer, Mature Students' Officer and LGBTQ+ Rights Offficer are part-time roles.

The Chapel
When it’s not kitted out for an exhibition or a function, The Chapel is a relaxed recreational space where you can print as well as buy stationery and art materials. The SU office has an open door policy, so drop in any time! You can discuss anything in confidence. Ask questions, get information, stock up on supplies or form a society.

Get in touch
Get in touch with the SU office at or or on +353 1 239 4646 or contact sabbatical officers on their mobiles.

Students' Union Annual Accounts