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​We provide the best possible General Medical and Nursing Care.

The Health Centre remains open remotely during normal office hours on 01-2394760 or can be contacted via the following email address:

We will return your call, email or voicemail as soon as possible or the next working day. For COVID-19 and General Medical issues and you are living at home, please contact your own GP in the first instance. For all other students please contact us and we will endeavour to support you remotely.


A comprehensive medical and nursing service is open to all full-time registered students. A Doctor is available on a part-time basis and a Nurse is available 5 days per week during the academic year. The service is envisaged as an addition to the student's own family doctor or specialist medical service.

As part of the registration process at IADT, it is recommended that students advise their Head of Department, the Student Health Centre and the Disability Support Service of any medical condition that may affect attendance or academic performance.

Where is the Health Centre located?

The Health Centre is on the ground floor of the Atrium Building, opposite the student canteen. 

Can I See a Doctor? 

To avail of a Nurse or GP service, students must register in person before their first appointment, unless it is an emergency when they will be seen immediately. Please phone 01 239 4760 or call in to register and make an appointment.

How much does it cost?

There is no charge to see the Nurse. A nominal fee of between €10-€20 is charged to see the GP depending on service provided. If you have a medical card from outside the greater Dublin area you can be seen for free using the card. Please note if you have a Medical Card from within the greater Dublin Area you should attend the named GP on the card (unless in an emergency when you will be seen immediately).

How do I contact the service?

Please call in any Morning to our Student Health Administrator to register and /or make an appointment with the Doctor or Onsite Nurse. Alternatively, you can phone 01-2394760.

How to contact GP out of hour’s service?

DL Doc is based in St Michael’s Hospital, Dun Laoghaire Mon- Fri from 6pm-10pm and at weekends and BH from 10am-6pm. Please phone 01 6639869 to make an appointment. Fee Approx. €70.

In an emergency, students can call in person to see the Nurse in Student Health Centre or phone 012394760. 

You may also call 01 239 4999 for First Aid support from Caretakers. The National Emergency number is 999/112 from anywhere in Ireland. 112 works in all EU countries and from any phone, free of charge. Remember when calling 112 (or 999) stay calm, stay focused and stay on the line.

Locate your nearest GP or Hospital

Locate your nearest hospital or GP using the HSE map.

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Joan Broderick & Suzanne Keily