Assistive Technology

The Assistive Technology(AT) Service provides training, information and support to students with disabilities and specific learning difficulties.

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Assistive Technology support will continue while IADT is closed. Email if you need support.

Much of the best Assistive Technology is free and can be found on these pages.


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Colm Olwill



Assistive Technology is an umbrella term for any technology that helps with a task. It can be a common technology, such as spell check in a word processor or on a phone. It can also be a specialised technology such as a screen reader, text to speech or voice recognition. 


Assistive Technology services available at IADT -


  • Assistive Technology hardware, such as Smartpens, Dictaphones, OCR scanners, laptops, microphones, etc.


  • Assistive Technology software, such as text to speech, spelling & grammar checkers, voice recognition, mind mapping, Ebook readers, etc.


  • Training in the use of Assistive Technology hardware and software. This includes one to one training, group training, enrolling the student on Blackboard VLE and access to training resources.


  • Maintenance and help with hardware and software issues.


  • Advice on up to date solutions and new developments such as Web and Mobile apps, Ebooks, Cloud Computing, etc.


Colm Olwill,

Assistive Technology Officer,


Colm Olwill
Colm Olwill