Steven Adkins

Steven Adkins is a first year Arts Management student and avid DJ, here he talks about what makes IADT the perfect fit for him and why his choice of course has been his best decision.

When people ask me why I chose to study at IADT, I explain it is because of how well it suits me, in my wants and needs. The small class sizes allow for a ‘hands-on’ approach to learning, and a personal service to each student – I don’t feel shy or worried to ask for help.

My favourite part of IADT is the community feel of the campus, everybody knows each other, and people smile and chat to you, and both staff and students take a vested interest in you. It’s difficult to ever feel lonely in IADT, as everyone there is friendly, and more than ready to make you feel at home.

My best memory to date was Melody Monday, a one-day event my class and I co-ordinated for Enterprise Week. We brought the whole event to life, from inviting guest speakers and planning the time management of the event, to audio rigging and arranging prizes. It was a great experience, and all of the attendees loved our event!

The best part of my course, for me, is the fact that it allows me hands-on experience within my field of work and hobby, which is mobile event production. I have been a DJ for five years now, and this course allows me to continue my interest in the arts, as well as providing me key business knowledge to make my venture financially viable.

In the future I might continue to DJ, run events, or even market some big companies. Right now I’m happy as long as I’m enjoying my work.

The one thing I’ll take away from IADT would be – always be yourself, because whether you’re a DJ, artist, or even a Hula Hooper, there’s always a place for you to fit in.

Steven Adkins, 1st Year Arts Management