Creative Computing: John Kenny

John Kenny is completing his 4th year studying Creative Computing. Here he tells us about his Final Year project.

For my final year project, I wanted to create something that combined both my personal interests and areas of technology I was interested in exploring. I developed an iOS app that allows users to point an iPhone/iPad at a football crest which the app will recognise as a team and present information about the team in augmented reality.

The app includes additional features such as predicting results of upcoming matches and a 'find Pogba' augmented reality game.For this project, I used Apple's newest technologies to create a mobile application with both Machine Learning and Augmented Reality.

The application is made up of 4 main parts.

Part 1: A server was created that searches the internet weekly, for information and stats based on the 20 Premier League teams and stores the data in a database.

Part 2: The server uses the data collected to make predictions on each team's next game.

Part 3: The users interacts with an iOS application which identifies a football crest belonging to one of the 20 Premier League teams using the camera of the device. When a team is identified it the application will request all the data based on the identified team from the server.

Part 4: The stats, prediction on the teams next game, and the team's players are presented to the end user using interactive 3d Augmented Reality elements. As displayed in the following video:

As a mature student, it was a difficult decision to go from full-time employment back to full-time education. Having visited various colleges, I didn't feel they were the right fit for me until I came across IADT. From the open day in 2013, speaking to the staff and students I knew IADT was the perfect fit. Over the past four years, I feel lucky to have attended IADT, with so much support and guidance provided by our lecturers. Each of the lecturers provided me with different tools used to create all the various aspects of my project. The course overall helped me secure an internship at Optum last summer, due to the large portfolio of work built over the duration of the course. This summer I will start a graduate role in Workday.