John Montayne

Over 16 years of lecturing experience at undergraduate and postgraduate level in areas including: UI/UX Design, Visual Communications and Creative Computing. Academic leadership experience including course coordination, programme development, integration of QA procedures and membership of various IADT boards, including Governing Body.


Montayne,J., Mullan, D.(2013) “More Effective Product Development via Interface Design + Usability Expertise”, IOTI Case Studies Publication 2013, Innovation Research Solutions with Industry2013
Power, A., McNichols, T., Dempsey, J., + Montayne, J (2011) “The Impact of Innovation (vouchers) in the Classroom” EDEN 2011, University College Dublin. 2011
Porter, N. + Montayne, J (2008, January). Development of a psychology short course for senior cycle students in Ireland. Poster session presented at the 30th Annual National Institute on the Teaching of Psychology, St Pete Beach, FL. – Best Poster Award2008
Byrne, O., Heagney, C., McIntyre, B., Montayne, J. + Murphy, M (2008). Helping Students do the Business LIN First Annual Conference Athlone October 2008 – winner of conference poster prize 2008
Hurley, O., Power, A. + Montayne, J (2006). Team building in an online environment. Paper presented at the Annual PSI conference, 9th November, Galway, Ireland. The Irish Psychologist, 33, p.61. 2006

Research projects

Principle Investigator + Project Manager for over 15 Enterprise Ireland Innovation Vouchers and privately funded research projects. The project deliverables included research reports, fully integrated solutions, software design prototypes and business system solutions. Many of these projects have led to recurring research investments and relationship opportunities for IADT.

IBM – Design America, (€50,000 Funded through IBM Blue Programmme and private funding) – Development of IBM-Global Design Thinking Visual Communications FrameworkMay 2015 – Present
UCD – Insight Centre for Data Analytics, (€15,000), Analysis and development of User Interface for Online Bid Profiling Software by WeAreBionic/Flashpoint
Vidatum (€25,000 Enterprise Ireland) – Design of User Interface and usability testing for Academic Management Audit SystemOctober 2012 – March 2013
Tychology, Privately Funded (€20,000), Tychology – Re-Engineering Interfaces for Business Decision Making SoftwareApril 2013 – Present
Danu Technologies (€25,000 Enterprise and Private funding)– Interface Design + Mobile Application Development for Entreprise level Platform Telecommunications Error Reporting System.2012


South by Southwest Conference Austin, Texas, USA2013/14/15/16
Future Internet Assembly – Dublin City University, May2013
Fujitsu Innovation Gathering - Croke Park, May2013
IXDA Interaction Conferences – Amsterdam + Dublin2014
Event Apart Conference on Future Web – San Francisco + Chicago, November2012/13