Dr. Irene Connolly

I am a Psychologist who lectures and researches in the areas of Educational & Developmental Psychology. My main research focuses on bullying and cyberbullying, children and technology and the use of technology in learning, in relation to people with disabilities. I have presented at conferences and published in both books and peer reviewed journal articles.


Connolly, I. Prevalence rates of cyberbullying from a cross-national perspective. In Bullying and Cyberbullying: Prevalence, Psychological Impacts and Intervention Strategies. Edited by Conor McGuckin and Lucie Corcoran. Nova Science Publishers, Inc. 2017
Connolly, I, Palmer, P, Barton, H. + Kirwan, G. An Introduction to Cyberpsychology. Routledge Taylor and Francis Group. 2016
Connolly, I., & Corcoran, C. (2016). The Role of School Climate on Willingness to Seek Help for Bullying. Annual Review of Cybertherapy and Telemedicine. 2016
McDonnell, M., Connolly, I., & Abbes, A. eLearning preferences of adults with Intellectual Disability. Interfaces and Human Computer Interaction.In Press
McDonnell, M., Connolly, I., & O’Sheehan, H. Exploring aesthetics, emotion and usability in eLearning applications for users with Intellectual Disability. Interfaces and Human Computer Interaction.In Press

Reseach projects

  • Disabuse (www.disabuse.eu) which is an Erasmus + funded project to tackle Disablist bullying in young people and adults with Special Educational Needs/Disability.
  • Let’s Go Skills Centre Partner (http://letsgoskills.com/). Supporting people with Special Educational Needs/Disability towards independent living through technology.


Disabuse Erasmus +. Disablist Bullying. Research and Best Practice. ISCTE –IUL, Lisbon.2018
Disabuse Erasmus +. Disablist Bullying: Experience into Change. DCU, Dublin. 2017
Northern Ireland British Psychological Society (NIBPS). 60th Annual Conference, Dundalk. Symposium on Cyberbully + prevention methods in schools2016
National Anti-Bullying Centre + Sonet Bull's Peer Learning Strategies for Countering Bullying. Bullying + the Role of Bystanders. The Helix, DCU.2015
Irish Learning Support Association Annual conference. An exploration of bullying and cyberbullying in both children and adolescents. Kilkenny.2015

Awards + Achievements

  • Member of the Psychological Society of Ireland.
  • Fellow researcher at the chair of UNESCO in the National Anti-Bullying Research and Resource Centre, Dublin City University (DCU). https://antibullyingcentre.ie/our-team/ 
  • Advisory board member for Tacklebullying website www.tacklebullying.ie. Support for Procedures on Countering Bullying in Schools (2013) provided by ABC with support from the Department of Education and Skills. 
  • Irish representative of European Federation of Psychologists Associations EFPA Consultation Group ‘Psychology and Internet’: Coalition to make the internet a safer place for children.