Leaving or Withdrawing from IADT

If you wish to leave IADT, it is important that you withdraw formally in writing otherwise it may affect your entitlement to free fees and/or grants in the future.

Withdrawal from the Institute

For a variety of reasons some students do not complete their programme. Please bear the following in mind if you are contemplating leaving the Institute:

Talk to your Programme Co-ordinator / Student Counsellor / Students’ Union Officer, or other members of staff for advice. If you decide to leave the Institute, you must complete a 'Withdrawal Form' available at the bottom of this page and return to the Office of Academic Affairs for processing. It is in your best interests to let us know as soon as possible that you intend to withdraw. 
You must also return your ID card.

Financial consequences of leaving a programme prematurely

This is a complex area with lots of rules; it is important that you formally withdraw or it could cost you money. 

Key dates

On return to Higher Education, eligible undergraduate students who formally withdraw before the dates below may be entitled to a reduction in tuition fees as follows:

  • Withdraw by 31st October - Free Tuition Fees for this stage (year)
  • Withdraw by 31st January - Half Tuition Fees for this stage (year)

Formal withdrawal after 31st January or failure to withdraw formally will mean that you will have no entitlement to Free Tuition Fees for this stage (year).

Refund of Fees Paid

Students who pay Student Contribution and/or Tuition to IADT and subsequently withdraw will be refunded fees as outlined below. Refunds will only be payable if payments received exceed amounts due.

Withdrawal Date

Up to 31st Oct

1st Nov to 31st Jan

After 31st Jan



Full Refund

Refund Half

No Refund

Post Graduate

Full Refund

No Refund

No Refund

Special Purpose Award

Full Refund

No Refund

No Refund

Note: The information supplied is subject to change. You are advised to check with appropriate government agencies.  Further information is available on www.studentfinance.ie