Information Services

IADT’s is committed to educational, research and development activities across a wide range of sectors, from technology to humanities to the creative arts. We recognise the importance of stimulating creativity and innovation, and we also value the individual needs of staff and students in their daily lives.

Technology is at the heart of IADT, and information communication technology is a vital part of staff and student life here at IADT.

All students have access to high-speed internet, computers, printing, student email and file storage as well as a wide range of online services.


Computer Labs, SWS + Wi-Fi

Almost all PC and Mac labs across the campus are open access and once no teaching or project time has been scheduled in the computer lab (check the timetable on the door) any student can use the computers in the computer lab. There is also numerous "Student Work Stations" PCs (SWS) across the campus which are handy for accessing email, the internet, printing and doing project work with your colleagues. The Library also hosts over 60 PC's and Mac's which are available to all students. All the main campus buildings are wireless enabled, as is the courtyard and we will be extending/improving the wireless to the Orchard and other outdoor spaces over the next few months.


Printing + Reprographics

IADT's Print and Reprographics Service is a sustainable and highly available print service that allows IADT's staff and students to print, copy and scan to email quickly and easily. Visit the Printing Section to learn more about the print services


Help + Advice - IS Support Desk

Information Services provides help and advice to student through a number of avenues:

  • At the start of the academic year there are a number ICT walk-in clinics, which provide assistance to students who need more guidance on accessing or using the various technologies on offer to students.
  • There are part-time student helpers in the Library who will assist you with basic issues such as logging onto computers, printing and how to access various online services.
  • There are numerous online software tutorials offered through which all IADT students have access to.
  • Email
  • For solutions to common queries, check the Information Services website at


Acceptable/Appropriate Usage Policy

IADT Students are reminded to read and observe the Institute’s ICT Acceptable/Appropriate Use Policy (AAUP) which requests users of IADT ICT facilities to ‘behave reasonably in your use of the IADT's computer resources’. Users are also reminded that ‘deliberate wasteful use of resources and time could lead to a withdrawal of services or severe disciplinary action’. Please also behave reasonably in your use of the email service provided and regarding the content of emails you send. Remember that ICT use comes under IADT policies, such as the Mutual Respect Policy, and comments made on the internet are very public. 

Contact Details:

Information Services can be contacted
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