Student Assistance Fund

The Student Assistance Fund is co-funded by the Irish Government and the European Social Fund as part of the ESF Programme for Employability, Inclusion and Learning 2014-2020.

The Student Assistance Fund is open to all registered students at IADT on a course of not less than one year's duration leading to an undergraduate or postgraduate qualification. The Student Assistance Fund provides financial support to students who are in significant financial difficulty and whose participation in college would be at risk without such support. The SAF is also available to assist part-time students with the day to day costs of participating in higher education.Students who are lone parents are encouraged to apply as additional funding has been made available to support this group.

Applications for 2019/20 are now OPEN

The Closing date for applications is MONDAY 4th NOVEMBER (late applications will not be accepted)

Please click here for an application form. 


Any questions can be directed to

The SAF is available to assist students who are unable to meet costs associated with day-to-day participation in higher education, including:

  • Books
  • Class materials
  • Rent
  • Heating and lighting bills
  • Food
  • Essential travel
  • In the case of parent students, childcare costs
  • Medical costs

Costs for which the SAF is not available:

  • Tuition Fees
  • Registration Fees
  • Servicing student loans
  •  Petrol

To be eligible to apply to the Student Assistance Fund this academic year, students must be in at least one or more of the following categories and evidence must be provided.

  1. 1st year or 2nd year students who have entered IADT via the Higher Education Access Route
  2. Students who are in receipt of a social welfare payment or dependent upon their spouse or partner’s social welfare payment.
  3. Students who are dependent on their parent(s)/legal guardian, who are in receipt of a social welfare payment.
  4. Students who are in receipt of a SUSI grant or are awaiting the outcome of their application e.g. fees only or maintenance grant.
  5. Students who are above grant or social welfare thresholds but from a relatively low income household and with significant personal emergency expenditure in excess of personal income, with details provided of the circumstances.

Applicants must submit supporting documentation. Please have these ready to attach to your application. Applications without documentation will not be processed. The applicant must provide:

1. Two months bank statements with your name and account number clearly visible

2. Evidence relating to any claims made e.g. receipts for equipment/class materials, childcare receipts, rental lease, utility bills etc.


3. For grant recipients, a letter from SUSI / Local Authority confirming that you have been approved for a grant and the grant’s rate.


4. Proof of a social welfare payment e.g. a medical card, social welfare statement


5. Evidence of household income for 2018. This must be one of the following:

   P21 (PAYE workers)
   Self-Assessment Letter (self-employed)

6, If you are a lone parent one of the following must be supplied:

Social Welfare statement indicating a Single Parent Family Payment
Social Welfare statement indicating a Job Seekers Transitional PaymentSocial Welfare statement + evidence of having been receipt of a Job Seekers Transitional Payment within the past four years
Social Welfare statement + receipt from a Disability Payment indicating the full rate for one adult and any dependent children
P21 Statement indicating either SP or LP tax credits.

  1. Download the application form from this website.
  2. Complete and return with supporting documentation to the Student Experience Office, Carriglea Building.
  3. Applications will close on Monday 4th November 2019
  4. Payments will be issued electronically approximately 4 weeks after the application closing date. 

Applications are assessed by the Student Assistance Fund committee. This may include members of the Student Experience team as well as other administrative and academic staff, and a member of the Students' Union. Students' application details will be held in strict confidence.

The following process has been put in place to allow IADT students to have their application reconsidered if they are not satisfied with the outcome of their original application:

  • Students must re-submit a new application form containing any new information they wish to be considered to the Access Office, C006D Carriglea Building.
  • Students must attach a cover letter stating why they wish their appeal to be considered.
  • The appeal is examined by a different person/group from the first application, to ensure independence and objectivity.
  • If necessary, students may be interviewed to verify details of the appeal.
  • Students will be informed in writing by email of the outcome of their appeal.