Student Learning Resources

Here you will find various downloads to help you improve your essay writing, including short exercises that you can send into Learning Support for feedback. These templates and notes are guides only, so we always recommend coming to Learning Support in person for a more specific learning plan.

Watch this space for new content throughout the year!

Useful Links

The University of Leicester's list of essay keywords is a great resource for helping you understand an assignment brief.

Purdue's "OWL" site provides excellent information on citation and references, as well as examples of references to a wide variety of types of sources.

UCD's literature review guide is very helpful if you find yourself wondering what a lit review is and how to get started on it.

Here are some different methods of note-taking, if you find yourself having difficulty in class.

This guide to the Cornell note-taking system may help you take notes in class, and will ensure that you can study from those notes later.

Grammarly is a very useful free grammar checker that you can use online (but remember that a computer grammar checker is still not as good as a human being!).