Text to Speech & Writing Software

Read and Write Gold, Select and Speak, E-Readers

Read&Write, available on all student computers, is the main literacy support tool available in IADT. It is designed to assist users of all ages and ability who require extra assistance when reading, composing, or proofing written text. Read&Write is used to produce accurate assignments, for study and research support, and on-the-go, independent learning. It is ideal for assisting with Dyslexia, reading difficulties, writing difficulties, and problems with spelling.

Main Features:

  • Helps computer users with reading and writing difficulties
  • Reads text aloud to help construct words and sentences
  • Advanced spell checking
  • Word prediction
  • Scanning tool converts printed text, PDFs or images to Microsoft Word or mp3 format

How to use it in IADT:

Read&Write is installed in all IADT Computer Labs and Student work stations(SWS) - for information on computer labs and Student work stations click here

Grammarly for chrome - An excellent, free spelling and grammar checker that works in email, social media and most websites. Click on the underlined text to install it in your chrome browser.

Grammarly for Office, Word and Outlook.  Also works for word and outlook.

Select and Speak and iSpeak are free Google Chrome extensions that allow online text to be read aloud. Click on the underlined text to install them in your chrome browser.

Click on this link for a guide to managing Chrome extensions. 

Spelling and Grammar Software

Optibook 3000 Scanners - available in the Library

Text to Speech in Word 2016

Enable Text to speech[Speak] Option in Microsoft Word 2016 [Tutorial] - HOW TO
Enable Text to speech[Speak] Option in Microsoft Word 2016 [Tutorial] - HOW TO