S.T.A.G. Access IADT

Southside Traveller Action Group (S.T.A.G.) and IADT work together to open the IADT campus to the members of our local Traveller community.

S.T.A.G. and IADT

Over the past number of years, S.T.A.G. and IADT have worked in partnership to open the IADT campus to the members of our local Traveller community and to encourage progression through education and transition to third level. A number of initiatives have taken place already through this partnership, with more planned.

Traveller Pride June 2019

In 2019 IADT collaborated with STAG to raise awareness and celebrate the Traveller culture while also highlighting discrimination encountered.



Chain of Love

The TASK programme in Southside Travellers Action Group completed this Animation video with expert guidance from IADT staff. This was an opportunity for the groups' participants to express their creativity and to sample one of IADT's creative courses.

Charter of Rights

The “Charter of Rights” (2016) was a collaboration between S.T.A.G. Young People’s Programme and IADT. The project created a space where young people learned about children’s rights and explored their own rights. The result was a formal statement written by young people attending Southside Travellers Action Group, which was officially ratified by the organisation as part of the European Access Conference in UCD. The aim of this work was to empower young people in becoming aware of their rights and to improve their experiences in particular in the areas of play and leisure, education, and protection. The young participants of this project have read out each of the 12 rights to create this audio piece.