HEAR Scheme

IADT is part of the HEAR (Higher Education Access Route) national admissions scheme for school leavers from socio-economically disadvantaged backgrounds.

IADT is part of the HEAR (Higher Education Access Route) national admissions scheme which allocates reduced points places to eligible school leavers under 23 years old for school leavers from socio-economically disadvantaged backgrounds. Mature and QQI/FETAC students have different admissions routes.​

HEAR applications are made via www.cao.ie.

HEAR applicants must meet a range of financial, social and cultural indicators to be considered for a reduced points place. For information about the process of applying to HEAR including the deadlines and criteria, please check the Access College website: www.accesscollege.ie

School leavers who meet the HEAR criteria are eligible to compete for a quota of places allocated to applicants on a reduced points basis in IADT.

All applicants to the HEAR scheme at IADT must meet minimum entry requirements and any course-specific requirements. Details are available for each course at IADT at www.iadt.ie/courses

Students who apply through HEAR but meet the standard CAO entry points will be offered a place for their course. IADT then reserves a number of places on each programme for HEAR applicants who are below the CAO points for the year in question. The HEAR applicants compete with each other for these allocated place(s), with the students with the highest points being offered the place(s). Students who are eligible for both the DARE and HEAR schemes will be prioritised when allocating HEAR places.

Students who enter through the HEAR scheme will be invited to a pre-orientation at IADT before commencing their course. They will also be able to avail of personal, academic and social supports through the IADT Access Service for the duration of their studies at IADT.

HEAR/DARE Places per Course 2018

Course Places HEAR (Number of places) Points 2017 HEAR/DARE points (-10% max)
Applied Entrepreneurship 45 2 200 180
Entrepreneurship & Management 45 2 202 181
Arts Management 40 2 220 198
EMCS 40 2 300 270
New Media Studies 40 2 303 273
3D Design, model making & digital art 30 1 *699 629
Art 50 2 *526 473
DSS Costume Design 10 1 *690 621
DSS Character Makeup 10 1 *890 801
DSS Production Design 10 1 *630 567
Viscom 30 1 *841 757
Animation 30 1 *1035 931.5
Creative Music Production 35 1 *900 810
Film + TV 30 1 *968 871
Photography 30 1 *609 548
Applied Psych 65 3 382 344
Creative Computing 50 2 270 243
Creative Media Tech 50 2 205 185

*Allocation of Places for Portfolio Based Courses

600 points for portfolio.  600 points for Leaving Cert.
Eligibility criteria for all restricted entry courses consist of a combined result of portfolio score plus Leaving Cert or equivalent score. For the purpose of HEAR/DARE applications; students are eligible to receive a reduction in points based on their Leaving Cert Results only.