Cutting-edge research significantly enhances the creative and entrepreneurial environment at IADT.  We work with diverse stakeholders and collaborators in the public and private sectors, at local, national and global level.  IADT engages in scholarly, applied and practice-based research.

Setting Standards, Creating Futures.

Practice and theory-based research create a positive impact on the work of students and staff. IADT’s research staff are active in applied research in animation, augmented reality, cyberpsychology, design + innovation, entrepreneurship, film and media, human computer interaction and VFX.

Active Engagement with Stakeholders

We have forged many successful industry engagements in commercial research for start-up enterprise and large corporations, and in non-profit and community projects. IADT is a member of the Dublin Regional Innovation Consortium on knowledge transfer outputs and innovation development. We work closely with other education institutes nationally and internationally.

IADT is funded externally through European, national and local grants, and private funding.