Seán Laoide-Kemp

Seán graduated from our BA (Hons) Photography programme with a First Class Honours. He is now doing our Masters by Research postgraduate program

Why did you choose to complete a Masters by Research programme at IADT?

For my final year project I had begun researching the Great Famine (1845-52) in Ireland, specifically the walls that were built as part of the Public Works Scheme around this time. When I completed the project I realised that I had only begun to scratch the surface, and the Masters by Research programme seemed like the natural next step. It was recommended to me by my lecturer, Justin Carville, who explained that it would be an ideal opportunity to continue to develop my research idea further. The course also had the appeal of supervisor support through regular feedback sessions, as well as access to all the necessary facilities at IADT.

What is your favourite part of student life at IADT?

The sense of community in IADT is definitely one of its most appealing qualities. No matter where you go on campus there always seems to be a friendly atmosphere. From the first moment I arrived, I have always felt welcomed in IADT.

What is your favourite thing about your research programme?

For me, it has to be the meetings with my supervisors. The feedback they provide on my work is invaluable, and without them I’m sure my work wouldn’t be anywhere near the standard that it is now. Constructive feedback is crucial to the development of a project.

Do you have a favourite memory of IADT?

When I received the Student of the Year award upon graduating, my entire class stood up for me. That was a very special moment. Another highlight was when one of my images was chosen to give to Phillip King when he opened the 2017 Graduate Show.

What one thing will you take away from IADT?

The network of academic and creative connections that I am building here.

And finally, tell us about your future ambitions when you graduate IADT?

Upon graduating I hope to further develop my research skills and to eventually work in the creative field as a lecturer.