New Certificate Course | Writing TV Drama

IADT are delighted to announce a new professional certificate course, Writing TV Drama, at the National Film School from early 2020.

Writing TV Drama is unique in that it explores screenwriting, specifically for episodic structure, be that for online series or linear television. This course teaches the elements required to develop new, long-form, renewable drama and comedy-drama series to deliver to the highest international standard.

“It's great to see a specialised training module in writing TV Drama offered at the National Film School.”  Siobhan Bourke, Saffron Pictures, Producer of award-winning TV Dramas.

As streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney and Apple TV are increasing their subscriber base and commissioning more original content, the proliferation and quality of drama series has soared. In this new landscape the “rules” pertaining to what an episode of TV drama should contain,  look like, or how long an episode should be, has been discarded. Writers must reconsider everything they thought they knew about the form. As Creative Ireland has identified the potential to grow the Irish production industry to become an international centre of excellence in TV Drama this course encourages screenwriters to think big and be bold with a keen focus on the ever-changing, global market.

The course is designed and delivered by Eilish Kent who has over 20 years professional experience commissioning and developing TV drama for RTÉ and the BBC. In addition to teaching, Eilish works freelance as a Story Consultant and Producer.