Irish Learning City Network promote accessible and life-long learning

The initiative involves cities from across the island of Ireland and will see festivals take place in Dublin, Cork, Limerick, Belfast & Derry.

Dublin, 24th January 2019  Dublin Learning City, an initiative spearheaded by five universities and colleges across Dublin under the aegis of the Programme for Access to Higher Education (PATH), today  hosted the second meeting of the Irish Learning City Network. The meeting welcomed Learning City representatives from Cork, Limerick, Derry and Belfast to discuss their work in promoting learning throughout the island of Ireland.

Dublin launched its Learning City initiative, as defined by UNESCO in December 2018. The Dublin initiative is led by the Leinster Pillar 1 cluster, comprising of University College Dublin (UCD), Trinity College Dublin (TCD), Dún Laoghaire Institute of Art, Design and Technology (IADT), Marino Institute of Education (MIE) and the National College of Art and Design (NCAD). With the support of Dublin City Council, Dublin Learning city is led by Denise McMorrow, Student Experience Manager (IADT) and Trevor Purtill, Research & Development Programme Manager (MIE).

Dublin is the newest member of the Irish Learning City Network which endeavours to create a borderless country of learning, ensuring opportunities for accessible, life-long learning throughout Ireland.

Denise McMorrow, Student Experience Manager, IADT, Paul Curran Dublin Learning City, Dr. Andrew Power, Registrar, IADT
Denise McMorrow, Student Experience Manager, IADT, Paul Curran Dublin Learning City, Dr. Andrew Power, Registrar, IADT

"As part of the HEA Cluster 1 Path funding, IADT and Marino Institute of Education along with our partner institutions (UCD, TCD & NCAD) are working closely with Dublin City Council to host Dublin's Learning Festival 8th-12th April 2019. This is a city wide festival promoting learning for all. Events are Free to attend and it will be a fun-filled week with plenty of learning activies to choose from.

Recently we welcomed Learning Cities from Cork, Limerick, Belfast and Derry to Dublin's first meeting to build an Irish network of Learning Cities promoting Learning and collaboration across the island of Ireland." Denise McMorrow, Student Experience Manager IADT. 

The aim of the Dublin Learning City initiative is to ensure that education and learning is accessible for all inhabitants, regardless of age, and in traditional and non-traditional settings. As part of the Dublin programme, a week-long festival will take place throughout the city from the 8th to the 12th of April. Similar festivals will also take place in Cork and Limerick.

Peader Nolan, Dublin City Council said, “We are delighted to be organising the first Dublin Learning City Festival in April of this year. The festival will look to encourage everyone living in Dublin to engage in learning and creativity. A broad range of events will take place in venues across the city and we encourage anyone organising an event for that week to get in touch to avail of promotional support from the Irish Learning City Network.” 

Ireland Learning Cities’ partners will amplify existing community education initiatives by using their city wide network and retaining an inclusive and inter-generational focus as a core operational tenet. In doing so, citizens across these learning cities will benefit from enhanced individual empowerment, employability and social inclusion, economic development, cultural prosperity, and sustainable development.

Dublin Learning City: Enabling, Fostering, Exploring and Celebrating Everyday Conversations about Learning and Opportunities for Dublin’s Citizens.

Those looking for more information on the Dublin Learning City Festival or to submit their own events can contact