IADT graduate to represent Ireland at Venice Bienale

The artist Jesse Jones has been selected to represent Ireland at the 57th Venice Biennale next year. Jones will work with the actress Olwen Fouéré as a performer and with Project Arts Centre visual arts curator Tessa Giblin as commissioner


She is interested in the moments when this hidden history comes to the surface, such as the demonstration or strike, and in moments of convergence. Seeing popular culture as an expression of this collective narrative of history, her work often adopts elements such as the B movie or pop music as a site of shared memory. Jones also uses the process of restaging a sense of history within contemporary contexts. By reinterpreting these artefacts, Jones scrambles their initial cultural reference and meaning. Can a drive in cinema become a site for films that had been blacklisted in the 50’s? Can a social housing project become the site for a symphonic suite? Or a pedestrian bridge the stage for an opera? http://arciadt.ie/?page_id=73#jessejones

Jones’s proposal for Venice is that she makes an artwork that explores the idea of “national representation at Venice as an alternative site of the state”. What form that work might take is anyone’s guess. While the Dublin-born artist has shown a particular liking for film in her career to date, she works across a wide range of forms and media, usually involving collaboration with a diversity of groups and individuals (Irish Times).

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