Entrepreneurship Summercamp

Learn new skills, meet new people, work in a collaborative and innovative environment and release your entrepreneurial spirit!

IADT are inviting participants aged 15-17, to take part in our Entrepreneurship Summmercamp. The camp takes place in IADT from 8th to 12th July inclusive.

To be successful in the 21st century, students must be adept at collaboration, communication and problem-solving, which are part of the skill sets developed through social and emotional learning.

The IADT summer camp for students will introduce these soft skills in a fun and enjoyable learning environment. This summer camp is for young people who want to develop a creative and entrepreneurial mindset and learn how to ideate, develop and pitch ideas.

Participants on the summer camp will have the opportunity to:

  • Learn by doing. Apply what they learn in camp to real challenges.
  • Meet and learn from guest speakers in a fun and energetic environment.
  • Learn key skills that employers look for such as teamwork, communication skills, and presentation skills.
  • Work with Design thinking techniques to solve problems.
  • Confront themselves with a social issue by exploring some of the major problems in our environment and challenging themselves to have a positive impact on the world by imagining innovative solutions to address these problems.
  • Learn to prototype their ideas.
  • Make new friends. 

The camp will run Monday to Friday from 10am to 4pm over one week and will take place on the IADT campus.

To book, please CLICK HERE

*This event is made possible under the HEA 2019 Entrepreneurship, Creativity and Innovation Summer Schools initiative. 

For further details please contact us on: +353 1 2394400