Zakki Shassan

Zakki Shassan started his carrier as a Graphic Designer and has a Masters in Graphic Design. Over time he moved towards the digital arena designing many websites and digital applications from scratch.

Zakki says "With thing getting more complex I saw the need to learn new tools and techniques in design thinking. I joined IWB and this paved the path towards IADT. My most recent roles have been Senior UX designer at TD Bank. UX designer at the Home Depot. Design consultant with the World Wide Fund for Nature". 

Pursuing my MA in Interdisciplinary Design Strategy was an amazing experience.  The tools and techniques that I explored during this period helped me a lot in my carrier. I was lucky enough to connect my research topic with my work life. This gave me solid ground to build my research upon.  The charette in Ireland proved very beneficial in my project, it gave me a starting point for my research and prototypes. I am still grooming my work from MA. My current employer (TD) and my previous employer (Home Depot) are both very keen on deploying some form of my proposed solutions.

The projects aim was to design a strategy around connecting online and in-store shopping experience. I explored the use of augmented reality, machine learning, in-store Beacons and analytics in my project. Various prototypes were built and tested on users during the course of the project. The research and testing proved the benefits of giving customers a seamless experience, both online and in-store. The use of augmented reality proved very successful during the course of the project.