Young Women in Film + TV Masterclass

This initiative seeks to promote and encourage greater equality in the Irish film and television industry. IADT’s National Film School hosted a 3-day masterclass for second level students from across Ireland who worked with successful females in key creative positions in the film and TV industry.
Created as part of the national strategy to ensure the growth of women working in the film industry the masterclasses was presented by leading industry experts including Stefanie Preissner, Neasa Hardiman, Mary-Kate O Flanagan and Rachel Lysaght along with IADT staff and mentors.

The participants enjoyed an inspiring, action-packed, hands-on three days, where they learned about screenwriting, directed and filmed with professional actors on a set in studio and immersed themselves in the technology of cameras, editing and sound.

Hitting a social media reach of 127,000, our dedicated communications and promotional campaign won Best Small Sponsorship Award at the Allianz Business to Arts Awards 2017.