Paul Conroy

Paul Conroy graduated from Creative Computing at IADT in 2016. We asked him what he is doing now and how studying at IADT helped him on his journey.

 What do you do now?


I am a mobile developer that specialises in Android applications for a mobile app development company in Dublin. I have developed several applications with the company that have been published to the Google Play Store and I'm currently leading an internal project within the company.


What do you think about your time at IADT?


Work doesn't feel like work when you enjoy it and that's exactly how I felt at IADT. I thoroughly enjoyed the college and my lecturers. I feel the college has a very unique atmosphere, with very approachable lecturers, that alone deters any pressure you might expect from a college. I have recommended the college to many friends and family.


What did you like about your course?


The course allowed me to build creative applications from concept to code through the guidance of my lecturers, which in turn helped to shape my career path. It was through this level of freedom that I realised I had a passion for writing mobile applications.


Did the course prepare you for your job?


The course focused on the fundamentals of code crucial for application development. It was during third and forth year that I was able to take what I had learned and apply it to conceptual ideas I had in my head, from mobile applications to wearable applications. This allowed me to build a portfolio that landed me my first mobile development job. 


Is there any particularly memorable event from your time at IADT?


Shortly after completing my third year project, I was approached by a lecturer from the college asking if I would be interested in working on an Android application from a conceptual idea the client had and build it into a fully working proof of concept application. I worked closely with the client over the summer and delivered a piece of software that he was extremely impressed with. This application was tested in multiple supermarkets across Ireland, that alone was a pretty amazing feeling.