English, Media and Cultural Studies: Luke Hussey

Luke Hussey is a graduate of English, Media and Cultural Studies at IADT. He tells us about his journey and how he is now about to embark on further studies as a masters student at the University of California, Berkeley.

Having started my academic career with a keen interest in both politics and philosophy as well as literature and film, English, Media and Cultural Studies was the perfect place to get an education that had both depth and breadth. Courses such as Political Economy and Globalisation, Critical Theory and the many literature focused modules central to the 4 year programme, provided a strong base for me to develop my own personal academic interests.

This education gave me the interdisciplinary tools to conduct a thorough investigation into Ireland’s asylum policy, Direct Provision, for my final year dissertation. And although I spent my first years as a graduate pursuing work in video production, my dissertation has ultimately informed my current professional goal, fighting for the rights of migrants. Thankfully, the varied skills acquired during my time in IADT has allowed for movement within industries.

For the past year I have worked in the NGO sector fighting against gender-based violence and this experience, along with the excellent education I received at IADT, has given me the confidence to successfully apply to do a masters in Global Studies at the University of California, Berkeley. This programme has the promise to further develop my skills as a scholar of asylum and immigration. It’s safe to say that without my degree in EMCS, I would not be where I am today.