Jason Fagan | Epic Cycles

Jason Fagan is a second year student studying Applied Entrepreneurship, here he tells us all about his business, Epic Cycles, and how his course has helped make his sporting passion become a business reality.

The idea for Epic Cycles came to me in 2013, at that point I was heavily involved in the sport of racing mountain bikes and loved it. So much so that I based everything around it, from a young age I was an adrenaline junkie and this was the best way of me getting my fix. The sport, the people, the feeling of getting through a difficult or dangerous section of track unscathed, make no mistake, this sport is a real addiction for me. Therefore, because I was so entrenched within the sport I decided that I wanted to make it my job and so came the idea for Epic Cycles.

I registered the business name and started researching suppliers and finance options. Quickly I realised I did not have the capital nor the business expertise to pull this off so I started taking the necessary steps, I worked hard in a job I disliked to save money and I went to college.

I attended IADT in 2016 as a mature student, jumping straight into second year after acquiring a QQI level 6 award in Business Management. Surrounded by likeminded individuals with their own ideas and plans we started to bounce concepts off each other. Everyone had an idea of what they wanted to do in some shape or form. One of our classes gave us the option of going out and getting an internship or setting up our own business. I saw this as the perfect opportunity to set up Epic Cycles.

What a great decision it was, IADT helped me along the way and my lecturers offered me one to one guidance at every step of my journey which was something that helped me tremendously.

IADT helped me bring my business plan to a reality and continues to offer me help and guidance along the way. I always knew I would work for myself, studying the Business Entrepreneurship course at IADT helped that to happen.