Jai Thorn

Jai Thorn recently completed the Art + Research Collaboration Masters programme at IADT. Here he talks about what the course offered him and where it has led him to today.

'I gained many new professional skills over the duration of the two-year Masters in Art and Research Collaboration, and the programme has put me in a great position to further develop my practical abilities and my professional career as an artist and designer. The networking opportunities were one of the most enjoyable experiences for me and I found that having conversations with the ARC alumni, including artists and curators, was really beneficial.

For my Major Project, I set out a very ambitious plan of establishing a new fashion label, and at the start of the two-year programme I wasn’t sure how I was going to achieve this, but with tutorial guidance and continuous support from my lecturers and my peer group, I designed and built my fashion-art brand Jai Jai and was very successful in doing so.  I now have a strong network of collaborators and professional contacts and feel well prepared to continue developing Jai Jai as a business.' - Jai Thorn 

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