Gus Coyne

We spoke to Gus Coyne, a fourth year Multimedia student, about his time studying at IADT and his plans for the future after graduation.

I've always found science interesting and I love the potential of technology. Every few years science fiction becomes a reality, from AI, virtual reality, holograms, etc. I grew up playing computer games and seeing the advances in technology and am excited about the future of gaming.

I started a game design course in Tipperary, and moved to IADT as it was closer to home.  IADT is a campus of freedom and expression, I've met every type of person here and it is great. Frequently, there is some sort of event happening in the Chapel (IADT rec room), such as sales, plays, gigs, tournaments, etc.

The lecturers here really put in the hours to help and have a great understanding of their field. I've always wanted to be part of the Game Industry, I didn't know it meant being a reviewer, tester, designer, developer, or even character creator and storyboarder. I love creating things, beautiful or just fun. I get to express my creativity in a way that is enjoyable and rewarding.

After IADT, I'll continue with some small projects and take a little time to enjoy my new freedom before I delve into a career in the industry. I'll look into start ups as I believe the experience of a small company can give valuable insight into the systems that are required. Unless I land something huge at an AAA game studio.