Grace Purcell

I am a Multimedia Systems and Web Engineering student. I chose this course because I have always been somewhat interested in technology and was always the one everyone in my family came to for help, whether it was the TV, phone, computer or something else in the house.

I'm very much into Art and visiting exhibitions that explore ancient and modern art. I feel like in the world we live in now, it is important to be reminded of how beautiful the world can be. One thing I loved about my course was the fact that design was integrated into it as well as the heavy coding. I felt like it gave me a broader spectrum on what I could do and a slight head start on the courses that only teach the backend of coding.

The thing I loved most about my course, however, was the size of the class. Due to the class being small, it was easy to get along with everyone, and thanks to that I've made a best friend for life. When I finish college, I plan on moving abroad indefinitely. Then I can begin my career in Application Architecture and Programming, but my ultimate goal is to become a Project Coordinator and freelance on the side.  

Thank you, IADT.