Eamhan Lawlor

Eamhan Lawlor is a first year student studying Arts Management, we asked her some quick questions about her choice of course and life at IADT, see what she has to say...

Why did you chose to study at IADT?

The music business has always fascinated me. When I found out about the Arts Management course at IADT I knew it was the course for me because it teaches business but also has the arty side of things involved in it too.


What is your favourite part of student life at IADT?

Something really special about IADT is how everyone is so lovely to each other, and how comfortable everyone is in the college. It has this small community of such welcoming people and it just feels so relaxed compared to other colleges.


What is your favourite thing about your course Arts Management?

I sometimes struggled with schoolwork in secondary school, but ever since becoming a student at IADT I actually enjoy the work. I really believe this is because of how lovely each and every lecturer has been. I love how everyone in my course are close. We all get along really well, which makes going into a classroom so much easier.


Do you have a best memory of IADT?

Choosing the best memory is hard, there have been so many amazing opportunities at IADT. In November, Dr. Michael Murphy, one of our lecturers, kindly offered us a trip to Belfast for the day. We went to the Town Hall and the Oh Yeah Music Centre, it was such an amazing experience.


What one thing will you take away from IADT?

The one thing I’ll always be grateful to take away from IADT will be the friends and memories I’ve made while studying here.  


And finally, tell us about your future ambitions when you graduate from Arts Management at IADT?

I plan to help as many up and coming artists get the chance to make a name for themselves. I want to ensure they all get the recognition they deserve.  I hope to own my own record label and recording studios one day and IADT has been the perfect start to my journey.