Photography: Adrian Wojtas

Adrian Wojtas, a Photography graduate, is now a multidisciplinary creative working with photography, design, and film. He talks here about what he got from studying at IADT.

Studying Photography at IADT has really opened my eyes in terms of critical thinking, really digging deep and engaging with material, which in turn has an impact on the work I produce. Besides the technical stuff - which you can teach yourself in your own time - I think one of the main benefits of art college is being in a creative space where you meet like-minded individuals. You gain and shape an understanding of the world based on the content that you and your peers engage with. The discussion, critique, and awareness of what’s out there is important to your development as a creative.

The course also gave me the experience and a methodology for how to look at things and how to really engage with them. I know people who didn’t go to college or study photography academically that have gone to be successful, but I still think a degree is a great thing to have. A degree shows that you’ve put in the effort, suffered through the four years, and you achieved something. There are years of experience and work behind that piece of paper.

You can see Adrian's work on his website or follow him on Instagram.