Bachelor of Business [Hons] Entrepreneurship
+ Management

Get to the very heart of what makes business work! This course successfully combines theory, practice and continuous assessment to produce graduates with the solid foundations necessary for business careers or to run your own business.
Applied Entrepreneurship student Rachel Parke tells us how much she loves the hands-on practical side to studying at IADT.
Applied Entrepreneurship student Rachel Parke tells us how much she loves the hands-on practical side to studying at IADT.

This practical hands-on course is 80%continuous assessment and 20% exam - based. You learn by doing and throughout the course you will undertake practical projects linked to real business scenarios.  The 20-week work placement in Year 3 is a unique and valuable opportunity to apply the relevance of the course to the real business world.  Participating students find that placements are hugely beneficial, and a valuable asset to prospective employers.


What will I do?

- Learn from practical entrepreneurial business projects including:

  Year 1: Setting up and run your own business in a local market

  Year 2: Enterprise Case Studies

 Year 3: Work Placement

 Year 4: Global Business Challenge case study.

- Learn how to analyse business problems and generate practical solutions

-Develop skills in creativity and innovation

-Develop analytical and research skills

-Explore how the world of technology and business interact

-Develop digital marketing strategies


Future Careers

Graduates are employed in digital marketing, marketing and advertising, retail management, fundraising, banking,technology, recruitment,  business development & enterprise (start your own business)

Recent Graduates are employed by:

Accenture | Oracle | Sony Music | Google | State Street | Microsoft | Linkedin | Salesforce | Irish Times | Groupon | Paddy Power

Further Study:

Graduates have continued further study at Postgraduate Level in the following Universities:

UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School | DCU | University of Warwick | University of Milan


What modules will I study?

Year 1

Enterprise Practice | Introduction to Digital Marketing | Marketing for Entrepreneurs | Internet Applications | Learning for Business | Enterprise Management | Business Mathematics | Finance

Year 2

Enterprise Case Study | Employability Skills | Marketing Communications + Sales | Project Management | Internet Applications | Enterprise Law | Economics | Business Mathematics | Finance

Year 3

Work Placement | Innovation + Creativity | Data Management | Research for Entrepreneurs | Economics | Finance

Year 4

Strategic Entrepreneurship + Management | Contemporary Strategic Marketing Practice | Strategy + Technology | Business Ethics | Strategic Human Resource Management | Tax + Finance | International Entrepreneurship