Steven Nestor

Steven is responsible for equipment, its purchase and loaning as well as usage of photographic studios, QE006, colour and black + white darkrooms. he also manages time keeping and scheduling of D515 spaces.


Exhibition catalogue of award winning photography from the Photography Open Salon Arles exhibition ‘An Eye For An Ear'.2012


Short-listed Photobook, Seven Day Mountains, exhibited as part of Athens Photo Festival 20162016
Dummy Award at Foto Book Festival, Kassel, Germany2014/15
London Analogue Festival, September2013/14
Participant at the E Book Show, John Hansard Gallery, Southampton2013
Open Salon's Eye for an Ear, Arles 2012 (incl. Eye for an Ear, China House, Malaysia)2013
Dummy Award at Foto Book Festival, Kassel, Germany2011

Research projects

As part of my two year MA in Art & Research Collaboration with IADT, I am investigating the history of the battle of Monte Cassino (Italy, 1944) through the topography of today. Currently my work is largely photographic, but it is envisioned that it will include audio, moving image and welding.


Invited speaker for paper: "To a Presence of Absence: A Study of the Opera on the Ancient World by Herbert List and Joel Sternfeld via the writings of Martin Heidegger and Jacques Derrida", University College London's Photography Plus Context: Photography in Academic Research; UCL Institute of Archaeology, London2016
Invited speaker for paper: “City, Martyred” for 'Art, Memory Place' (Irish Museum of Modern Art).2015
Invited speaker for paper: “The Fog of Photography: Newsweek + the Vietnam War”, 'Photography and International Conflict' (UCD Clinton Institute for American Studies). 2009