Sinéad Hogan

Lecturer in Art


My research is concerned with the relationship between aesthetic practices and philosophy.

‘Echoes, Before the Other’ in Heidegger, Levinas, Derrida: The Question of Difference, (eds, Lisa Foran and Rozemund Uljée), Springer2016
‘What is Sculpture?’, Dublin: Irish Museum of Modern Art2015
‘Hearing Heidegger…Proximities, Readings and the “Ends of Man”…’ in Heidegger in the Twenty-First Century, (eds Tziovanis Georgakis and Paul Ennis), Springer 2014
‘Why do we presume art education is for the production of artists?’, Paper Visual Art Journal, Dublin Edition2013
‘The Relationship between Art + Philosophy’, Visual Artists Ireland Newsletter, February + April issues2013

Research projects

I am researching on, and through, the practices of phenomenology and art, in particular the phenomenology of nihilism, of colour, of the image and the histories of iconography and iconoclasm. I am interested in working with researchers in these areas and in particular with those engaging with aesthetics within an ‘other-than-Art’ context. I am currently completing a book project titled ‘aesthetics (:) of thinking’.