Ron Hamilton

Primary input is lecturing in Visual Communication, Design and Typography. Additional inputs include: Creative process, visual research methods and applying design museum pedagogy in studio practice. I represent the Department on the Teaching and Learning Committee. Current professional development focuses on User Experience Design.


LIN 6th Annual Conference: Roper, R., Murphy, P., McDowell, L., and Hamilton, R. From ground up to top down: Enhancing an Institute-wide first year orientation programme.2013
Hamilton, R., and Riddel, L. Transition to higher education: back and forward linking the first year learning experience in art and design. Perspectives: An Anthology of IADT Research.2013
AHEAD Conference. Short paper presentation. Hamilton, R., Palmer, M., and Fox Hamilton, N. Designing learning and teaching materials: transitions from default to universal design. 2013
EdTech WIT. Short paper presentation. Can I have that in a different colour please? Blackboard 9, a study in making the interaction a more visually engaging and dynamic learning experience.2011