Paul McDonnell

Paul has been lecturing in IADT for the past 13 years. He lectures on the 3-Dimensional Design, Model Making + Digital Art programme and on the Design for Stage and Screen programme.


Paul has worked as a designer and modelmaker in the film industry for the past 20 years. He areas of expertise are in prototyping and technical modelling, miniature modelling, puppet making, prosthetics, stop-motion animation and art direction. He was a founding member and director of Shadow Creations who have been the main contractor for RTE set construction since early 2000’s. He has worked on many childrens’ programmes and films from RTE’s Morbegs to Jim Henson’s Animal Farm.

In 2002 he art directed an award winning stop motion animation feature APE (Treasure Films). He has produced sets, props, puppets and make up effects for features such as Reign of Fire, Tristan + Isolde, The Count of Monte Cristo, On the Nose, How Harry became a Tree, Disco Pigs, The Most Fertile Man in Ireland, Dancing at Lughnasa and Space Truckers. His most recent film work includes stunt armour for Dracula Untold and vehicle effects on Ek Tha Tiger (Bollywood Film Production). He was a creative team member on Escape from the Dead Zoo (Absolut Fringe Festival 2010) and Waterworn (Absolut Fringe Festival, 2009, Project Arts Centre, 2012).

He was part of the sculpting and puppeteering team on Macnas’ productions Symphony for the Restless and The Summoning (2014) and The Shadow Lighter (2015). His most recent television work includes Art Director on The People’s Rain Forest (Sky1 HD 2012), Head of Miniature Set Construction on the stop motion series Igam-Ogam (Telegael 2013), Art Director on Dave’s Dinosaurs stop motion pilot (Telegael 2014) and Art Director on Burrows stop motion pilot (Telegael 2015).