Paul Freaney

I am the course leader and tutor on the Masters in Screenwriting Programme and I am the scriptwriting tutor for the BA in Film and Television. I am an Academic Tutor on the BA in Film and Television and I supervise the student's final year Dissertations. I teach courses in Aesthetics and in Greek Tragedy.


Each year I write a piece for the Irish Arts Review.

Research projects

In 2014 wrote and directed a short film drama - "These Dog Days". The film was a drama portrait of troubled days in my brother's life. It Premiered at the Indie Cork Film Festival and played the Cork Film Festival in 2015. I have developed a number of feature scripts with directors, producers and recently developed a feature "I'm A wheel" with an Irish Film Board Development loan. My most recent screenplay is a contemporary drama entitled "It's Like This" - 2016 I work as a script-editor/script consultant and have in recent years consulted on recent films by Mark O'Connor and Brendan Muldowney. I am on the Board of Directors of the Guestbook Project Foundation, founded by Professor Richard Kearney of Boston College, the foundation promotes peace building in divided Communities through shared storytelling.