ICT Support

Students + Staff can contact the ICT Services by email only.

Emailing the ICT Service Desk

  • An email can be sent to the Service Desk by emailing to the following address: support@iadt.ie;
  • The email must have a valid subject in order for it to be accepted by the Service Desk mail server;
  • When a user successfully submits an email to the Service Desk they will get a reply email to say that their request is being dealt with;
  • If they open a new call the server will return an email with the call number.

IMPORTANT: When contacting the Service Desk please provide the following information:

  • Your Name + Student ID Number or Staff Name;
  • Location of the problem (e.g. Computer/Room Number);
  • Accurate and detailed (as possible) description of the problem;
  • Where you may be contacted (if applicable) such as mobile number/email address;
  • If you have a problem emailing ask another student,/staff member or Faculty secretary to email on your behalf.