Fiona Snow

A member of the 3D Design lecturing team since 2009 I teach primarily 1st year and 4th year students, teaching both physical and digital subjects. Outside of teaching I have worked to develop and expand the Digital Fabrication Room with the aim of facilitating a teaching and learning space that that supports innovation and technical excellence.

Research projects

My research is concerned with the intelligence of the hand, specifically in the context of Art and Design Education.

The careful hand: Heidegger and manual knowledge.Ongoing
Learning by Stealth: Digitally-Mediated Informal Learning2015
Words in practice: SFL, semantic waves and the role of language in the studio.2015
Do psychological theories of motivation support the use of pass/fail grading systems with 3rd level students as a means to enhance learning?2015
Sensations of Simple Pressure - Defining a Haptic Sense of Learning2015