Dr Yaqoub BouAynaya

I am a lecturer in Sociology at IADT. I work across three programmes, English, Media + Cultural Studies, Arts Management and Business Management. I could be defined as a Visual Sociologist that primarily complements textual information with photo-reportage and videography. I am a committee member of the International Visual Sociological Association. 

I successfully defended my PhD thesis in Sociology in 2016 at Trinity College Dublin and was awarded Masters of Philosophy in Race, Ethnicity and Conflict from TCD (2011). For my doctoral dissertation I designed and implemented a novel and innovative methodological approach within a qualitative framework that explored, ‘Perceived Irishness: the (re)construction of Irish identity within the continuum of liquid modernity’. Furthermore, I planned, organised and realised a solo exhibition and panel discussion relating to my research findings at the Gallery of Photography, Dublin (2017).


Reviewed, ‘Police, Race and Culture in the “New Ireland”’, published in the international journal, Ethnic and Racial Studies. 2016


Assisted with post-doctoral international research in the area of AI and deep-learning within the financial technology industry, as well as smart devices and renewable energy. 2019
Solo exhibit consisting of portraits, an audio-visual installation and portrait photographs relating to the findings of my PhD studies on Perceived Irishness at the Gallery of Photography, Dublin. As well as organised a panel discussion towards the objectives of public sociology. 2017
Doctorate Researcher conducting qualitative studies which explored ‘Perceived Irishness: The (re)construction of “Irish” identity within the continuum of liquid modernity’. 2012-2016
Curator of interactive exhibition on ‘Perceived Irishness’ as part of Discover Research Night. The exposition provided people with the chance to become research participants, as well as have their portraits projected real-time for the duration of the exhibition. 2014
Participant of Grounded Theory workshop hosted by the Grounded Theory Collaboration Group - School of Nursing and Midwifery and the School of Education (TCD) 2014
Presented a paper disparate from my main research entitled, ‘The downward spiral of our globalising reality’ at the ECPR General conference (University of Glasgow). 2014
Participant of a multidisciplinary module on researching in the field organised by Trinity International Development Initiative (TIDI) on, ‘Adapting Research Methodologies for Developing Country Conditions’. 2013


Presented a paper entitled ‘Cosmopolitan Patriotism in response to regressive nationalistic sentiment’ at a symposium on Cosmopolitanism: Literature, Language, Pedagogy (TCD). 2018
Presented at the biennial European Sociological Association (ESA) conference on a methodological paper entitled, ‘“What it means to be Irish”: adding novelty to the design by integrating audio-visual communication techniques’. 2015
Presented a theoretical paper entitled, ‘Legislation, Myth and Governmentality: is jus sanguinis citizenship in Ireland indicative of a harmonisation of European legislation en-route for supranational governance?’ at several conferences including Nations and Nationalism conference (TCD), Perspectives on Conflict conference (University of Glasgow), Challenging Injustice in Ireland conference (UCD) and Changing Population: migration, reproduction and identity conference (University of Trento). 2014-2015
Participant of a multidisciplinary module on researching in the field organised by Trinity International Development Initiative (TIDI) on, ‘Adapting Research Methodologies for Developing Country Conditions’. 2013
Participant at the RECODE Summer School on ‘The Challenge of Complex Diversity’ hosted at UCD and funded by the European Research Council (ERC). 2013
Presented an introductory paper entitled, ‘Perceived Irishness: (Re)conceptualising identity in an era of fluid modernity’ at the Sociological Association of Ireland (SAI) general conference and an interdisciplinary conference hosted by the Trinity Long Room Hub called, ‘Identities in Flux’. 2013
Officially represented TCD, along with 13 other students, at the Interdependence Day Conference held at Dublin Castle.2013


Presented a guest lecture to M.Phil. students (TCD) on an overview of my thesis, its findings and principal contributions. Presented a talk on a photo-essay called, ‘Tulips’, published in the Journal Baobab, Vol. 4. 2018
Presented a master class at BIMM, Dublin on the topic of ‘Resistance: Subcultures and gender in music?’ 2016