Dr. Tina Kinsella

Dr. Tina Kinsella is a Lecturer in Critical and Contextual Studies (Art) in the Faculty of Film, Art and Creative Technologies (FACT), Programme Contributor to the MA in Art & Research Collaboration (ARC) in IADT and Research Fellow at the Centre for Gender and Women’s Studies, Trinity College Dublin.

Research Interests

My research is interdisciplinary, drawing on critical theory, philosophy, and psychoanalysis to institute conversations between contemporary visual culture and artistic practice. Specific emphasis is placed upon:

  • The role/relevance/relationship of theory to art practices and processes
  • The representation of gender, embodiment and identity in contemporary visual culture, art, and expanded performance
  • The intersection of aesthetics, ethics, politics and “affect” in the ontologies of contemporary visual culture, artistic practice, and performance

My PhD, entitled ‘Bracha L. Ettinger’s Matrixial Theory and Aesthetics: Matrixial Flesh and the Jouissance of Non-life-in-Life’, was undertaken in the School of Visual Culture at the National College of Art and Design, Dublin, between 2009 and 2012. This research investigated the ontological implications of the artistic practice and Matrixial Theory of Bracha L. Ettinger. Considering Ettinger’s Matrixial Theory as a mode of “embodied thinking” that emerges from artistic practice and placing her work in conversation with Maurice Merleau-Ponty’s ontology of ‘flesh’ and Jacques Lacan’s concept of ‘Other Jouissance’, two ethico-aesthetic ontological models were advanced: Matrixial Flesh and the Jouissance of Non-Life-in-Life. In 2008 I completed an MPhil at the Centre for Gender and Women’s Studies, Trinity College Dublin. My final dissertation, entitled ‘Aosàdana and the Female Visual Artist’ investigated the gender dynamics in the association of Irish artists known as Aosàdana. Prior to these studies I undertook a BA (Hons) in Classics and Philosophy and an MA in Ancient Greek Drama at the University of Nottingham, UK.



My publications include book chapters, journal articles, catalogue essays, reviews and blog posts. I am particularly interested in asking and responding to the question: “what kind of thinking is artistic practice?”. Recent and forthcoming publications include:

[Catalogue Essay] ‘O Children in God’s name slay not your mother!’ for Jesse Jones’ installation Tremble, Tremble at the 2017 Venice Biennale.

[Catalogue Essay, Italian translation] ‘In nome degli Dei, non uccidete la madre, o figli!’ for Jesse Jones’ installation Tremble, Tremble at the 2017 Venice Biennale.

[Catalogue Essay] ‘Does Every Psychotic Have to Reinvent the Project of Modernity for Herself?’ for Spiritualized: As Above, So Below ― Modernity to Now, Irish Museum of Modern Art.

[Journal Article] ‘Precarious Subjectivity and Affective Performativity in the Academic Precariat’ in the Irish Journal of Anthropology, special edition on ‘Experiences of the Labour Market’.

[Journal Article] ‘Interview with Bracha L. Ettinger’ in Studies in Gender and Sexuality.

[Book Chapter] ‘Micol Hebron’s Free the Male Nipple! A Transrelational Aesthetics’ in Inappropriate Bodies: Art, Design and Maternity, Demeter Press.

[Journal Article] ‘Representing Desire? Reconsidering Female Sexuality and Eroticism in Umbilical’ in Performance Ireland Journal, special edition on ‘Gender, Sexuality and the City’.

[E-Mag Article] ‘Querying and Queering the Virgin – Sacred Iconography and Profane Iconoclasticism in the Art of Frida Kahlo’ in Esthesis @ http://esthesis.org/.

[Journal Article] ‘Liquidities – Transactive Border Spaces and Threshold Structures (Between the Harbour and the Sea)’in Performance Research Journal, Volume 21, Issue 2 – ‘On/At Sea’, co-authored with Dr. Silvia Loeffler.

[Catalogue Essay] ‘This is the fluid in which we meet … On Alice Maher’s Recent Drawings, The Glorious Maids of the Charnel House’, Kevin Kavanagh Gallery.

[Blog Post] ‘Will the Mistresses Tools Dismantle the Master’s House? Griselda Pollock on Creative Practices as Dissidence in the Feminist Century’, Irish Museum of Modern Art @ https://immablog.org/2016/07/26/critical-response-will-the-mistresses-tools-dismantle-the-masters-house-dr-tina-kinsella-on-prof-griselda-pollock/

[Catalogue Essay] ‘Sundering the Spell of Visibility: Bracha L. Ettinger, Abstract-Becoming-Figural, Thought-Becoming Form’, in And My Heart Wound-Space Within Me’, 14th Istanbul Biennial.

[Journal Article] ‘Sticky Mothers – From Crypt to Transcrypt: A Response to Dragan Kujundžics’s Frozen Time, Liquid Memories’ in Interkulturalnost/Interculturality.

[Catalogue Essay] ‘Painting the Feminine into Ontology: On the Recent Works of Bracha L. Ettinger’, Museo Leopoldo-Flores/Galeria Poliavalente, Mexico.

[Book Chapter] ‘Colonising Kahlo: Frida Kahlo and the Transcultural Encounter’ in Transcultural Encounters Amongst Women: Redrawing Boundaries in Hispanic and Lusophone Art, Literature and Film, Cambridge Scholars Publishing.


Invited Lectures & Talks

I am regularly invited to present public lectures on my research interests and participate in conversations with artists. Here is a sample of some recent presentations but further information is available at https://tinakinsella.wordpress.com/.

October 2017
[Keynote Lecture] ‘Maternal Reci-porosity’ at the Mothernists II: Who Cares for the 21st Century? at the Astrid Noacks Atelier and Royal Danish Art Academy, Copenhagen.

February 2017
[Invited Presentation] ‘Documentary and Representation’ at Psychoanalysing Documentary: 8th Irish Annual Psychoanalytic Film Festival, Carmelite Centre and Irish Museum of Modern Art.

[Invited Presentation] ‘My Symptom, Myself – What Happened Miss Simone?’ at Psychoanalysing Documentary: 8th Irish Annual Psychoanalytic Film Festival, Carmelite Centre and Irish Museum of Modern Art.

November 2016
[Invited Paper] ‘The Touching Contract ― A Relational Affectosphere’ at The Artist and the State, International Symposium at the Irish Museum of Modern Art with Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane and Create – National Development Agency for Collaborative Arts.

November 2016
[Invited Lecture] ‘Querying the State ― Activism to Affectivism in The Touching Contract’ at The Swedenborg Society, London with Artangel.

June 2016
[Invited Talk] ‘Reconsidering 1916 ― Relational Affect and in the Shadow of the State by Sarah Browne and Jesse Jones’ at The Society for Women in Philosophy – Ireland (SWIP-I) at Gender, Public Policy, and the Philosophies of Emotion workshop, Sutherland School of Law, University College Dublin.

June 2016
[Invited Speaker] ‘Weave a Red Thread’ at Jesse Jones’ No More Fun and Games closing event, Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane.

May 2016
[Invited Lecture] ‘Precarious Subjectivity: Uniperversity and the Dominance of the Rational Subject’ with Dr. Carmen Kuhling (University of Limerick) at the Economy and Society Summer School, organised by University College Cork and Waterford Institute of Technology, Blackwater Castle, Cork.

May 2016
[Invited Speaker] ‘Reconsidering Art, Aesthetics and Ethics: Performances and Performativity of the Maternal’ at the Maternalisms II ― Mapping the Maternal: Art, Ethics and the Anthropocene International Colloquium, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada.

June 2015
[Keynote Speaker] ‘Performance, Performing and Performativity: A Matrixial Approach’ at the Feminism and the Body in Performance: Current Practice Symposium, MART, Dublin.

April 2015
[Invited Speaker] ‘The Voice Emerges from the Body’ at The Voice Emerges from the Body/The Speculum is Inserted into the Body/Architecture Surrounds the Body, at the Green Street Courthouse, Dublin, with artists Sarah Browne and Jesse Jones and the Northern/Irish Feminist Judging Project.


Awards & Achievements

Research Fellow at the Centre for Gender and Women’s Studies, Trinity College Dublin

Fellow at the Graduate School of Creative Arts and Media (GradCAM)

Faculty Member of the Economy and Society Summer School for Doctoral Students organised by University College Cork and the Waterford Institute of Technology

Recipient of the Irish Research Council Government of Ireland Postgraduate Scholarship (2009-2012)

Recipient of the Arts Council New Projects (Production Award) for Umbilical (2009)

Recipient of the Arts Council New Projects (Development Award) for Umbilical (2007)


Curatorial Projects

Member of the Feminist Curatorial Collective for Jesse Jones’ No More Fun and Games at Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane, 11 February-26 June 2016.

Co-curator (with Michael O’Rourke) of Bracha Ettinger’s Demeter Eurydice Medusa installation at the Illuminations Gallery, Maynooth University, National University of Ireland.


Artistic Projects

Conceptual Director of Umbilical, a multimedia art project which investigated the Oedipus myth from the perspective of an alternative protagonist ― Jocasta. The Creative team for this project were Professor Benjamin Dwyer (composer/performer, Middlesex University), Dr. David Farrell (artist/photographer, IADT), Michael Dwyer (film maker) and Sayoko Onishi (Butoh Dancer/Choreographer). The project premiered at Rua Red South Dublin Arts Centre in November 2012.

Co-director (with film maker Michael Dwyer) of Where is the Black Beast? a documentary about the Crow poems of Ted Hughes. The project premiered at the Ribeirāo Preto Bienalle, Brazil in September 2009.