Dr. Timothy McNichols

Currently teaching modules in Digital Media Entrepreneurship, Business Strategy and Analytics, Consumer Cyberpsychology and Applied Research. I am involved in research supervision at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

I have worked with numerous small to medium sized businesses on Enterprise Ireland innovation voucher projects. I am involved in an EU Horizon2020 research project in Game-Based Learning. I was chairperson of the 5th Irish Game-Based Learning Symposium.


Research projects have involved game-based learning, online consumer behaviour, and Internet-based collaborative systems. 

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Research Projects

Practical projects have included Enterprise Ireland funded innovation development based on online business strategy, internationalisation strategy, strategic pivoting and business model redevelopment. 

Horizon2020 Programme Research Project - RACEPAS – Cultural Awareness Game 2017
Enterprise Ireland Innovation Vouchers Irish-based companies include: • Teamwear.ie; Office Supplies Ireland; TravelEscapes.ie; Fantom; Farlex; Eirtight; P3 Hotels2010-2017


McNichols, T. (2015) Conference Chair of the Irish Game-Based Learning Symposium hosted by IADT on June 4-5.2015
McNichols, T. (2015) Redesigning the Rules: User-Led Gamification in Industry Teams. 5th Irish Game-Based Learning Symposium, IADT, June 4-5.2015
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Awards + Achievements

Finalist Best Paper Award at the Chicago International Conference on Education, Chicago USA 2013
Awarded Government of Ireland Senior Research Scholarship2003-2005