Dr. Olivia A Hurley

Dr Olivia Hurley, a Registered Psychologist with the Psychological Society of Ireland (PSI), works as a Psychology, and Sport Psychology, Assistant Professor/Lecturer in IADT. She also supervises research studies in her areas of expertise in IADT. Olivia is a member of the Sport Ireland Institute's panel of Accredited Sport Psychology Consultants.


Dr Olivia Hurley has just published her first solo academic textbook - Sport Cyberpsychology (Routledge, 2018), the first of its kind in this area. Dr Hurley has also had numerous book chapters and research articles published in various peer reviewed publications. She has presented her research at both national and international conferences. Dr Hurley also acts as a reviewer for a number of high quality peer reviewed journals in psychology and sport psychology.

Hurley, O.A. Sport Cyberpsychology. London, UK: Routledge. 2018
Hurley, O. A. The status of women in Irish Sport. The Irish Psychologist, 43(5), 101-102.2017
Hurley, O.A. Impact of Player Injuries on Teams' Mental States, and Subsequent Performances, at the Rugby World Cup 2015 – Frontiers in Psychology2016
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Research projects

Dr Olivia Hurley is involved in a number of research and writing projects with her colleagues in IADT, UCD and TCD, in her areas of expertise (as cited above) within the disciplines of sport psychology and sport cyberpsychology.

Team dynamics in Healthcare settings: Trends and Lessons to learn from Sport. Funding: TBC.Ongoing
Context reinstatement of eyewitness memory using virtual environments (By MSc student Joanne Carroll - co-supervisor from 2014 to 2015). Funding: IOTI.2017
Project ongoing. Mental preparation for Sport: What do the players say? Funding: IADT Seed Fund.2012
Psychological responses to, and recovery from, sports injuries in elite athletes. Funding: IRCHSS.2003


Dr Olivia Hurley has presented numerous guest lecturers in her fields of sport psychology and sport cyberpsychology in UCD, TCD, DCU and RCSI in recent years. She has also delivered a number of guest lectures, talks and keynote addresses for various sport and business organisations. She has presented her work at many psychology, cyberpsychology and sport psychology conferences.

Sport Cyberpsychology: ‘A New Arena’. Keynote address presented at the CRUW conference, 21st June, University of Wolverhampton, United Kingdom.2018
Building resilience for the uncertainty of life: lessons from elite athletes. Inspire Talk presented at the Annual PSI conference, 10th November, Limerick, Ireland.2017
Sport Cyberpsychology. Keynote address presented at the Annual PSI SIG-MAC Mini-conference, 18th November, PSI HQ Dublin, Ireland.2017
Careers in Sport Psychology. Presentation made at the PSI/NIBPS Careers Event in IADT2016
Concentration in Sport. Guest lecture in UCD's School of Psychology2016
Introduction to Sport Psychology. Guest lecture in UCD's School of Psychology 2016
New Technologies in Sport: Potential Impact on Performance in Elite Sport Settings. Paper presented at the Annual PSI conference, 13th November, Kilkenny, Ireland. 2014
Social Media in the World of Sport, Exercise and Performance Psychology. Paper presented at the Annual PSI conference, 8th November, Sligo, Ireland.2013

Awards + Achievements

Dr Olivia Hurley has be invited to speak at a number of high profile sport psychology, cyberpsychology, and mental health related events. She has also received a number of academic appointments due to her profile within her field of sport psychology.

  • Invited to be the keynote speaker at the CRUW Conference 2018 + the PSI SIGMAC Mini Conference 2017
  • Invited to be a keynote speaker at the Mental Health + Wellbeing Summit in Dublin in October 2016 + 2017
  • Invited to be a keynote speaker at the Fan Engagement Conference 2018
  • Invited to deliver an Inspire talk at the PSI Psychology Matters Day 2017 + 2018, and also at the PSI Annual conference 2017
  • Acted as the On-Air Host for IADT's 'Building Resilience: Lessons from Sport' Television Production in October 2015.
  • Appointed to the role of External Examiner for the MSc in Applied Sport + Exercise Psychology at Waterford Institute of Technology (2014 - 2017).
  • Appointed to her current position of Secretary of the Division of Sport, Exercise and Performance (DSEPP) in PSI in January 2012.


As a member of the Sport Ireland Institute’s panel of accredited Sport Psychology Consultants, Olivia works with many top athletes and performers, in both team, and individual sports and disciplines, to help them enhance their performances. Olivia set up and delivers the Certificate in Sport Psychology programme in IADT (see: www.droliviahurley.com/testimonials for a selection of some elite athlete-graduates' comments on their experiences on her programme). Olivia was one of the co-founders of the Division of Sport, Exercise and Performance Psychology (DSEPP) in PSI. A former international sprinter with a number of Irish Caps at underage and senior level until her retirement from competitive athletics in 2004, Olivia still hold the U13 Irish Indoor 60 meter sprint championship record. Olivia loves to keep fit and has a passion for all things sport and psychology related.