Dr. Michael Murphy

Dr. Michael Murphy is a lecturer in the Department of Humanities + Arts Management, Entrepreneurship. He has expertise in the areas Music Industry, Sociology, Management and Communications.


Chapter: Punk and Religion in the Republic of Ireland, 1977-1981 in Punk + Post Punk Volume 4 Issue 1, March2015
Chapter: ‘Punk and Post-Punk in the Republic of Ireland: Networks, migration and the social history of the Irish music industry’ in Punk + Post Punk Volume 3 Issue 1, April2014
Review: ‘Morrissey. Fandom, Representations and Identities’ Journal of European Popular Culture V. 4/ # 3 September2013
Review: ‘Exploring U2: Is This Rock ‘n’ Roll’ Popular Music / V. 32 / # 02 / May2013
Review: ‘Irish Blood English Heart: Second Generation Irish Musicians in England’ Popular Music / V. 32 / # 01 / January 2013

Research projects

The Music Industry, with particular emphasis on Entrepreneurship in the Irish Music Industry.


Working in Music Conference, Glasgow Organising Musicians in Ireland2016
Punk Scholars Network, Birmingham ‘Punk Now in the Republic of Ireland’2014
IASPM Cork ‘The U2 ‘Field of Production’’2014
SAI Dublin ‘Fianna Fáil and Popular Music’2014
Simon Frith Conference Edinburgh ‘A Social History of Irish Record Labels’2014

Awards + Achievements

Art Direction. Winner of JUNO Award (Canadian GRAMMY equivalent) for Best Album Design. Video Making. Finalist for Much Music Awards: Best Video Concept. Finalist for the Jennifer Burke Award for Innovation in Teaching and Learning in 2013.