Dr. Justin Carville

Dr Justin Carville teaches History + Theory of Photography and is Programme Chair of the BA (Hons) Photography Programme. He has published widely on Irish photography and supervises post-graduate research in the areas of histories and theories of the photographic image and practice-led research in photography.


"Photography + Its Violations", Photography + Culture Vol. 8 No. 3, 1–52015
"'Dusty Fingers of Time': Photography, Memory and 1916" in Joana Bruck and Lisa Godson (eds.) Object Matters: Making 1916 (Liverpool: Liverpool University Press)2015
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"The Violence of the Image: Photography, Conflict and Northern Ireland" in Liam Kennedy and Caitlin Patrick (eds.) The Violence of the Image: Photography and International Conflict (London: I.B. Tauris2014
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Photography and Ireland (London: Reaktion)2011
Guest editor, 'Photographies' Vol. 2, 1 special themed issue on Global Photographies.2009
Guest editor, 'Early Popular Visual Culture', (Autumn) special Ireland themed issue;2007


Dr Carville is an advisor to The Gallery of Photography, Dublin as part of their Photo Album of Ireland Project and the Reflecting 1916: Photography and Easter Rising exhibition as part of the Reflecting The Rising Centenary Events. In addition to contributing to exhibition catalogues he is on the Board of Directors of PhotoIreland.

"Reflecting on Photography as History: 1916 and the Historical Economy of the Photograph", in Reflecting 1916: Photography an the Easter Rising (Dublin: Gallery of Photography)2016
"Place and Placelessness in Victor Sloan's Photographs of Craigavon" in Victor Sloan: Drift (Banbridge: F.E. McWilliam Gallery)2015
"The Deviant Face: Photography in Alfred Cort Haddon and Charles R. Browne's Anthropometric Survey of the Irish Race", in The Irish Headhunter: The Photographic Albums of Charles R. Browne (Dun Chaoin and Dublin: The Stationary Office)2012
"Enduring Vision: The Optics of the Long View", in The Long View (Dublin: Gallery of Photography)2012
"Future Landscapes", in Simon Burch: Under a Grey Sky (Dublin: Gallery of Photography)2009

Research projects

My current research is on the relations between photography, ethnography and race in Ireland for a monograph tentatively titled; The Ungovernable Eye: Photography, Race and the Global Irish. Together with Ewa Manikowski I am editing a collection of essays on photography and the European Survey Movements. Future research projects include studies of vernacular photography and migration.

The City in the Archive, (Supported through an IRCHSS Senior Research Scholarship).1999-2004
Photography and International Conflict, (Funded through an IRCHSS Major Projects Grant in collaboration with Proffesor Liam Kennedy, Clinton Institute of American Studies, UCD).2008-2011
Photography and Ireland: A Cultural History2008-2011
Visualizing Dublin (Supported through an IADT Seed Fund)2010-2012
Photography, Ethnography and Irish Identity (Supported through an IRCHSS Research Fellowship)2009 - present
Photography, race and Ireland (Supported by NUI Galway Moore Fellowship)2009 - present


I have lectured on the history of photography at international conferences as a plenary and invited speaker at; The University of Notre Dame, The Academy of Arts, Warsaw, Trinity College Dublin, the Irish Museum of Modern Art, The Clinton Institute for American Studies, UCD, Kunthistorisches Institute Florence; The Photographers Gallery London.

"'Beneath the Surface There is No Landscape': Post-Conflict Memory and the Disappeared in David Farrell's Innocent Landscapes, Photo/Memory: Recovering Memory Through Photography in 20th Century Cultural Production", Association of Art Historians Annual Conference, University of Edinburgh, 7-9 April2016
"Topographical Memory and the Imperial Streetscape, RuinNation", TRIARC, Trinity College Dublin, April 2, Invited Speaker2016
"The Topographical Turn in Contemporary Irish Photography", International Photography Symposium, Ladislava Sutnara Faculty of Design, University of Western Bohemia, Plzen, 23-27 Nov. (Plenary Speaker). 2015
"Camera Sketches and Field Notes: Thomas Johnson and Survey Culture in Ireland", Survey Photography and cultural Heritage in Europe (1851-1945): Expanding the Field, Institute of Art, Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw, 14-15 April (Invited Speaker).2015
"Lines of Sight and Historical Topographies: Photography, Anthropology and Archaeology in the West of Ireland", Interpreting Landscape, Moore Institute, NUI Galway, Sept. 21 (Invited Speaker).2014

Awards + Achievements

I have received a number of awards from the IRCHSS for research on Irish photography in addition to funding to support post-graduate student projects in the area of the history and theory of the photographic image and practice-led research.

Moore Institute Visiting Research Fellowship2016
Government of Ireland IRCHSS Research Fellowship2008-2009
Thematic Project Research Grant, IRCHSS with Professor Liam Kennedy, Clinton Institute for American Studies, UCD2008-2011
Strand 1: Arts and Humanities2008
Government of Ireland Senior Research Scholarship2003-2004