Dr. Jenny McDonnell

Dr. Jenny McDonnell is a Lecturer in English Literature in the Department of Humanities and Arts Management. She joined the English, Media and Cultural Studies teaching team at IADT in 2010. She currently lectures on the modules Introduction to Critical Theory, Modernism, and Postmodernism (elective).


Dr McDonnell has published in a range of fields, including modernism; modernist publishing; Victorian literature; New Zealand literature; and Gothic literature and film.

'Brave New Worlds: Samuel Butler's Erewhon, settler colonialism and New Zealand Mean Time' in Victorian Time: Technologies, Standardizations, Catastrophes, ed. by Trish Ferguson (Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan) pp.95-111.2012
'"The famous New Zealand Mag.-story writer": Katherine Mansfield, periodical publishing and the short story' in Katherine Mansfield and Literary Modernism, ed. by Gerri Kimber, Susan Reid and Janet Wilson (London and New York: Continuum) pp.42-52.2011
Katherine Mansfield and the Modernist Marketplace: At the Mercy of the Public (Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan)2010
'Things at once spectral and human: Robert Louis Stevenson’s ghosts' in The Ghost Story from the Middle Ages to the Twentieth Century, ed. by Helen Conrad-O’Briain and Julie Anne Stevens (Dublin: Four Courts Press) pp.155-1712010
'"Wanted, A New Word": Katherine Mansfield and the Athenaeum', Modernism/Modernity, 16.4 (November) pp.727-742.2009

Research projects

Dr McDonnell's primary research interests are in the field of modernism, including modernist publishing histories; the modernist short story; and the relationship between literary modernism and early cinema. She has additional research interests in the field of Gothic Studies.

‘The Other 1916’ conference2016
'Memory, Space, and New Technologies'2015
Katherine Mansfield and the Modernist Marketplace (Palgrave Macmillan)2010


Dr McDonnell has presented papers at a range of national and international conferences. She is also a co-organiser of the upcoming conference on 'The Other 1916' at IADT, and co-organised the 'Memory, Space, and New Technologies' Symposium at IADT in June 2015.

'The Irish Journal of Gothic and Horror Studies: An Overview' (with Dara Downey), Gothic Networking Day, Manchester Metropolitan University2014
'"The direct result of the American cinema acting upon a weak mind": Café Culture and Cinematic Spaces in the Short Stories of Katherine Mansfield and F. Scott Fitzgerald', Katherine Mansfield and France, Université Paris III – Sorbonne Nouvelle2014
'"Principles as light as my purse": Katherine Mansfield and the Modernist Marketplace', UCD School of English, Drama and Film Studies Research Seminar2010
'Brave New Worlds: Samuel Butler's Erewhon and New Zealand Time', Victorian Time, TCD2010
'"Take any bryd, and put it in a cage": Mansfield's Canary and Chaucer's Tale of the Crow', Celebrating Katherine Mansfield, Symposium for the 40th Anniversary of the Katherine Mansfield Memorial Fellowship, Menton2009

Awards + Achievements

Dr McDonnell has been a member of two teams that secured funding for two projects; these include HEA seed funding for a 'Spatial Arts Visualisation' project and Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council funding for 'The Other 1916' conference. In addition, she has held an IRCHSS postgraduate scholarship and a Broad Curriculum Teaching Fellowship.

Team member, Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council funding for 'The Other 1916' conference2016
Team member, HEA seed funding for a Spatial Arts Visualisation project2015
Broad Curriculum Teaching Fellowship2002–2005
IRCHSS Government of Ireland Postgraduate Scholarship1999-2002