Dr. Elizabeth McCarthy

Elizabeth is the Lecturer on EMCS' Modern English Studies module (First Year), Genres in Popular Fiction module (Second Year), and Research Proposal Development module (Third Year).


Elizabeth has published on books Fear (co-edited with Hebblethwaite, 2007); 1950s Popular Culture (co-edited with Murphy + Jones, 2011); and Gothic + Horror (co-edited with Murphy, forthcoming). Her articles and chapters on popular literature and culture appear in numerous publications. Co-founder/editor of Irish Journal of Gothic + Horror Studies.

Lost Souls: 54 Overlooked and Neglected People of Gothic and Horror, co-editor with Bernice M. Murphy, McFarlandforthcoming
‘Oliphant and Woman’s Mourning’ in Companion to the Ghost Story, Routledgeforthcoming
‘Exotic Erotic: Tracing the Dark Roots of the Black Burlesque Performer’, in Gender and the Burlesque (Intellect Booksforthcoming
Carmilla, review, The Green Book: Writings on Irish Gothic, Supernatural and Fantastic Literature, Issue 4, Swan River Press, pp. 83-882014
‘Gothic Visuality in the Nineteenth Century’, in The Gothic World, ed. Glennis Byron + Dale Townshend, Routledge, pp.341-3542013

Research projects

Elizabeth's research activities and interests include genre studies; American noir fiction; New Wave Science Fiction; youth culture and rebellion in the mid-20th Century; literature and the visual arts; and sex and criminality in the Long 18th Century.

Manuscript of Lost Souls: 54 Overlooked and Neglected People of Gothic and Horror has recently submitted to McFarland Publishing for final editing
Currently researching and writing paper for David Bowie Interart | text | media Conference, Lisbon, July2016
Currently completing essay on Margaret Oliphant for Handbook to the Ghost Story, Routledgeforthcoming
Currently researching a monograph on Gothic Noir in American Domestic Suspense fiction


As well as co-organising two international conferences held in TCD (2006 + 2008), Elizabeth has presented papers and given public lectures at both national and international conferences and venues (TCD; UCD; LSAD; Prague; Budapest; Oxford; Stirling; Lancaster; Antwerp).

'Big Hair and Derrière: 18th-Century Fashion and Sexuality from Amatory Fiction to The Periodical Press' (TCD, Lunchtime Lecture Series, May)2016
‘Total Nightmare’ (Bram Stoker Festival, Freemasons' Hall, Dublin, October)2015
‘“A voice from the tomb sweeter than song”: America’s 19th-Century Rural Cemeteries’ (International conference 'Locating The Gothic', Limerick School of Art and Design, October)2014
‘Mean Streets, Dark Cities, Endless Night: The World of Noir Fiction’ (TCD, Staff/Post-grad Lecture Series)2014
‘Exotic Erotic: Tracing the Dark Roots of the Black Burlesque Performer’ ('G(u)ilt and Glitter: Economic Crisis and Burlesque in Ireland', Boston College Ireland, Dublin, September)2014

Awards + Achievements

Patrick Kavanagh Bursary, funding award2015
TCD Association + Trust, funding awards2012,2011,2010,2008,2006,2005
Costello Prize in English Literature, academic excellence award2000
Richard F. Littledale Prize - Division 1, academic excellence award2000

The truth is of course is that there is no journey. We are arriving and departing all at the same time.