Staff Updates

This is a difficult time for all of the IADT community as we adhere to the official guidelines from the HSE and other Government Departments.

Given the volume of emails and other communications you are receiving this page is available to provide you with current HSE, Institute, Sectoral updates and provide you with an easily accessible list of supports and resources.

It is important we support each other and negotiate these challenges together. Stay safe and positive.

We will continue to update IADT's COVID-19 webpage and advice is available on the HSE website which can be accessed via or via the HSE Health Protection Surveillance Centre

Confidential supports and resources are available through our Employee Assistance Programme. The service is free of charge to all our staff and their families.  

EAP provides a wide range of supports with trained specialists able to give you practical information. Staff also have the opportunity to access additional professional supports if required. 

The Freephone number is 1800 995 955 or email