Welcome to the Quality section of the IADT website. Under the Qualifications and Quality Assurance (Education and Training) Act (2012), IADT is required to establish formal quality review procedures. This section of our site contains information about the Quality review process, as well as information on IADT’s Policies for Quality Assurance and Quality Review Reports.

The Institute is committed to the provision of higher education of the highest quality, which is relevant to the needs of students and stakeholders, and which recognises the professional role of staff members. Providing accessible and flexible programmes, within a student-centred and supportive learning environment, is an important institutional objective and one which is reflected in the IADT Strategic Plan 2014-2018.

To ensure it is achieved, IADT is cognisant of the need to have effective planning processes, which consider relevant information and data; timely decision-making processes, with due authority; effective implementation of decisions taken, with careful monitoring and review; as well as the capacity to be consistent, and the capacity to respond to situations by embracing change as necessary.

The Institute has established an inclusive infrastructure by operating two intersecting organisational elements which focus on quality. Whilst the Institute adopts the philosophy that everyone is responsible for quality assurance, formal Executive responsibility for Quality Assurance (QA) resides with the Registrar. This responsibility is complemented by the work of the Quality Enhancement Sub-Committee, which operates on a collegial basis and advances many policies and procedures which have academic good practice and the student as a core value.

The Institute’s Quality Assurance Framework provides a clearly stated set of policies and procedures for the provision of quality services, and for the assessment and review of the provision of those services.